Cordelia Taylor Designs

All About Me

Approach To Design

My philosophy to solving design problems is to start with the objective and the audience for the solution. What is its purpose, and how can I ensure this message is most easily communicated to the intended audience? Brainstorming and the idea generation process are my favourite part of the design process. I love coming up with a large variety of options which can be presented to the client, which showcase different aspects of the design problem. For examples showcasing my approach to design, view my portfolio.

Cordelia Taylor photo portrait

Design Influences

My design work veers towards geometric styling and simple organic shapes. I find my inspiration in the work of Issey Miyake and M C Escher, the way their whole design communicates an idea in an interesting and sometimes complex way. I am not afraid to use colour, though like when it is used in a subtle way. When a design is complete, I love when there is a balance with white space and the use of crisp borders to delineate areas. Wherever possible I try an incorporate elements of sustainable design into whatever solution I present.

Skills And Specialities

My main skills lie in the production of documents for publication using InDesign. I am also comfortable in Illustrator for the creation of vector graphics, as showcased in my portfolio. Most of my professional experience has been focused around the design and development of documents within the educational space. This involves effective use of typographic hierarchy and appropriate placement of content in order to ensure information is communicated in a clear way.

Work History

Administration Officer - Design

June 2014 – Present

Clinical Education, SA Ambulance Service

  • Use principles of graphic design to create all templates used in the development of learning materials in InDesign abiding by the SA Health, SA Ambulance Service and Clinical Education style and branding guidelines
  • Creation of one off designs for quick reference guides, pamphlets, posters and charts using InDesign and Illustrator
  • Knowledge of the requirements for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) through the development of learning and assessment materials for accredited courses and coordination of the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process
  • Knowledge of the requirements for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) through the development of learning and assessment materials for accredited courses and coordination of the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process
  • Use of ancillary web services, including Issuu (ePublications), Survey Monkey (collecting feedback), Vimeo (video hosting) and Shutterstock (stock images)
  • Management of the Clinical Education intranet page using SharePoint and O365
  • Creation of eLearning content using Moodle and Articulate Storyline 360

Acting Online Learning Coordinator (ASO6)

Feb-Mar 2018; Mar 2019

Clinical Education, SA Ambulance Service

  • Managed day-to-day issues arising with the SAAS eLearning Moodle site
  • Inputted grades and prepared reports as required
  • Rectified issues with courses and assessments as they arose
  • Monitored the eLearning enquiries inbox and dealt with all incoming messages

EOC Project Administration Officer (ASO3)

October 2013 – June 2019

Clinical Education, SA Ambulance Service

  • Developed online content using the SA Ambulance eLearning site (Moodle) including entering course content, uploading reference documents, creating quizzes and uploading videos and other media
  • Assisted in the design of the learning materials for the Certificate III and Certificate IV in Ambulance Communications, including the design and layout of study guides, assessment materials and facilitator guides
  • Assisted in the completion of compliance documents, including assisting in the mapping of assessments and training to units of competency

Education And Training

Bachelor In Design (Communication Design)
July 2018 – Present | University Of South Australia
Studying part time, undertaking one topic per semester
Completed five topics achieving Distinctions for all (Design, Culture and Society 1, Design Foundation Studio, Communication Design Studio 1, Visual Argument and Design Culture, Computer Graphics and Imaging for Design)

Other Completed Courses

Computer Graphics – Adobe Photoshop (WEA SA) | November 2014

Adobe InDesign II (WEA SA) | November 2014

Articulate Storyline 2 Basic (B Online Learning) | June 2015

Illustrator I (WEA SA) | February 2018

Confidence: The Key to Success (IPAA) | February 2018

Introduction to Supervision and Management (IPAA) | April 2018

Illustrator II (WEA SA) | June 2018

Digital Video Production (TAFE SA) | July 2018

Digital Video Editing – Introduction (WEA SA) | August 2018

Skills and Abilities

  • Desktop Applications:
    • Microsoft Office 365 (including Sharepoint and Microsoft Teams) – Advanced
  • Video Editing
    • Adobe Premiere Pro – Intermediate
  • Desktop Publishing
    • Adobe InDesign – Advancedd
    • Microsoft Publisher – Advanced
    • Affinity Publisher – Beginner
  • Vector Graphic Development
    • Adobe Illustrator – Intermediate
    • Affinity Designer – Beginner
  • Raster Graphic Development and Photo Editing
    • Adobe Photoshop – Intermediate
    • Affinity Photo – Beginner
  • Web development (HTML and CSS)
    • Adobe Dreamweaver – Beginner
    • WordPress – Beginner
  • eLearning Development
    • Moodle – Intermediate
    • Articulate Storyline – Intermediate
    • Articulate Rise – Intermediate
  • Student and Records Management Systems
    • VETtrak – Intermediate
    • Objective – Beginner